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HRH International Exports Ltd provides a professional service to our overseas customers. We can provide customised order forms which simplifies the ordering process, and also ensures that orders completely fill the container, thus eliminating wasted space and thereby reducing shipping  costs.


We can act as shipper, or alternativley liaise with your shipping company to ensure the container is shipped on time with all the correct documentation. We can  ship in Full Container Loads (FCL), Groupage (LCL). and air freight.


All goods are supplied on heat treated pallets, and loaded in 20ft or 40ft refrigerated or ambient temperature containers. Our warehouse team have many years experience in picking, assembling, palletising and loading containers. They take pride in their work, and try their best to make sure the goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left our warehouse.

We always order fresh stock to maximise expiry dates, and  normally fulfil orders within 10-14 days, however we also have stock on hand should an order be required urgently. We can also arrange for  products to be labelled if this is required.


HRH International  has a wealth of experience and a wide range of contacts within the UK food trade, allowing us to source and supply both mainstream and speciality UK supermarket products.


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